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"My tweet bookmarks keep pilling up and it become a loooong scroll to find a tweet I bookmarked last week"

Instead of improving their bookmarks feature by adding category and search, Twitter focused on Fleets instead 🀑

I got frustrated by Twitter for not having category and search for bookmarks, hence I made one myself. I showed it to a few friends who also bookmarks a lot, and they got excited, so I think it might be useful for you as well.

"I always wanted to have something like this!" - Tibor BΓΆdecs    
(Author of The.Swift.Dev)

As Twitter doesn't have API for accessing bookmarks (they don't allow third party app to read or add bookmarks for users), I have created a Twitter bot instead, which you can DM the bot with the tweet you want to bookmark, with the category/folder name you want.

How to bookmark tweets with category

TL;DR: DM tweet to the bot @BookmarkLite

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Bookmark Lite πŸ”–

Bookmark tweets, categorize and search them easily

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